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At Hawks Landing, we are committed to providing the highest level of service to you. Over the years, we have built lifelong relationships with our clients by consistently providing them with the peace of mind they have come to expect.

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Fire up near the garden ready for drumming and get together

"We stayed in this campsite before and we loved it! 
Your campsites and your acreage are beautiful and definitely, the kind of camping experience that we want. I can honestly say that none of us had ever used a composting toilet before our first trip out there last spring and so we had no idea of what we were in store for. It was a relief to all of the females to see that there were actual toilet seats! We try to go camping at
least twice a year, 1 spring trip, and 1 fall trip. We've tried many campgrounds and parks and each time we've been pretty happy, but we've continued to search for the place
that really feels right....home away from home. 
We're really looking forward to camping there again"...Kelli P.
Pickerington, Oh.

The Journal at Locust Grove Lodge

Tammy Marcum, Amelia Binderfolder, and Jason at the Hawks Landing Pavilion after


having their dinner.  Tammy, recalls a time when she saw the hills across the way from


the pavilion, and the little cabin we call "Firefly" wasn't even built yet.  "We have had a


wonderful time.  Amelia and I enjoyed our visit. We are looking forward to coming back


soon, and staying in Dogwood".


"Our visit to your sacred land was a gift to my spirit. Thank you again for allowing us to just "Wander". We look forward to returning for an overnight at Dogwood with deep hopes we can get more acquainted".


Kasie A. 2013




Almost a year ago we visited Hawks Landing for the reception of a family members wedding.  That day we made plans to return -- and we did.  We spent our first anniversary here, and became engaged.  Getting away from society, we got closer to one another.  That is priceless.

Thank you.

<3  Ron & Angelin


May 29, 2012


Lou & Pat,


Beautiful setting, thanks so much for a peaceful weekend. Also many thanks for letting
Indie & Belle tag along with us. They had a great stay! Enjoyed watching the deer, hummingbirds, cardinals and wildlife :-) Wish we could stay longer! Thanks again for the re-charge on life! See you again soon.



John & Amanda




Today I greet the world full embracing my womanhood, my motherhood, and myself. No longer who I once was and no longer longing to be once
again. I am here, I am present. I am exactly who I am meant to be. Thank you for keeping Lou's dream alive. Thank you for providing a venue for growth
relaxation and remembrance. The Spirit is in all things.
Many Blessing upon you & all who cross your path

ate Dean, Georgetown, Ky





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