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Hawks Landing Retreat Center

29361 Locust Grove Rd

Mc Arthur, OH 45651 


Phone: +1 740 596 4288


Office Hours 10 -7 PM  closed Sunday

About Simple Living and Solitude Hawks Landing Retreat Hocking Hills Ohio

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  Hawks Landing Retreat Center for Conscious Living has a philosophy to foster respect for nature by providing opportunities to enjoy and appreciate the natural environment.  Nature lovers and urban dwellers alike enjoy the peace and beauty of Hawks Landing.

      Hawks Landing is committed to restoring the land's wildness and natural beauty, both scarred from years of farming and clear-cutting. In keeping with this philosophy, the number of visitors at any given time is limited to ensure that human presence is not overly intrusive.

      Hawks Landing is Green and Eco-Friendly, we recycle, compost, and live sustainably on the land. We do have
a few creature comforts, but live as close to nature as we can.

     In 2013 the renovations and upgrades to Hawks Landing continue. Cabins are getting face-lifts, along with the property. In 2013 we planted 60 new trees on the property to replace the trees storms destroyed over the last year. A new wild flower meadow has been planted, and new trails are being added.    We have added dinning canopies for tent campers in 2016, and an awning to Dogwood. 

      The retreats and get-away vacations continue to be affordable for our guests as we offer simple living at its finest. Our small cabins offer pioneer style living,  a bed, linen, dishes, water, a cooler for food, and sustainable lighting. Staying in a cabin allows people to be close to nature without having to pack more than a backpack.
      People often ask us what is sustainable living. In our home examples are the use of fluorescent bulbs, composting and recycling waste, paper, aluminum, glass, and plastic. The
products used for cleaning are ecologically safe and organic. The garden is organic.

     In Ohio transporting firewood from county to county is illegal, all our firewood is collected from dead wood on the surrounding grounds to keep us warm and provide guests with firewood. We buy Fair Trade and cruelty-free products whenever possible.  Here at Hawks Landing, we are learning to live with what the land provides, living as close to nature as possible.  

Hawks Landing is a Certified Wildlife Habitat of The National Wildlife Federation.

Hawks Landing is a Member of Hocking Hills Tourism.




Elk Creek

Elk Creek in the spring along the edge of the property, a pretty spot overlooking the creek and the road. 

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