Hawks Landing Retreat Center Cabins and Tent Camping Adventures Off Grid
Hawks Landing Retreat CenterCabins and Tent Camping Adventures Off Grid

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Hawks Landing Retreat Center

29361 Locust Grove Rd

Mc Arthur, OH 45651 


Phone: +1 740 596 4288


Office Hours 10 -7 PM  closed Sunday

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Memories in the making as this couple make an engagement promises

Planning a special Event? We can help. Rites of Passage, Handfasting, Baby Naming Ceremonies Legal Weddings includes pre-counsel, detailed custom wedding service call for prices and information. Shamanic retreats, Art retreats, small business retreats, or just a day away. Patricia Rarick is a Minister licensed to perform weddings in the State of Ohio.


Design structure for wedding events includes only the event service, does not include catering, rental services, cakes, or similar.  Vows, counseling, help with artwork and venue suggestions.


2018 marriage at Equestrian Ridge Farms Curtisy of Jacki Stewart. Minister Patricia Rarick
Eckharts permission Eckharts
Under the stars, in August star gazing event and Meteo Showers
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