Weddings and Special Occassions


Thinking about tying the knot?

 We can help you plan the wedding ceremony here at Hawks Landing or one of many of the other beautiful locations in Hocking Hills.

Some information for planning your event:


this can be obtained from your hometown if you live in Ohio, or if you are coming from out of state, you can obtain a license at the Vinton County Court House.

WE CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH SEVERAL ALTERNATE WEDDING LOCATIONS THAT HAVE SCENIC BACKDROPS FOR YOUR CEREMONY. TO BE MARRIED AT ASH CAVE, OLD MAN'S CAVE ETC. YOU MUST OBTAIN A PERMIT BY CALLING HOCKING HILLS STATE PARK.  The locations have a calendar for scheduling events.  Weddings officiant will provide vows, or provide your own.  For more information and pricing please call.  740-596-4288


Call +1 740 596 4288 today or contact us online to schedule a meeting with one of our expert property consultants.


Elope to Hocking Hills


A Wedding Ceremony Getaway For Two



  • Choice of Ceremony Locations example wedding at Ash Cave, or at Hawks Landing Retreat Center at the Pavillion
  • Minister and vows




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